Protecting Your Assets

Long term care policies have improved since they were first offered approximately 25 years ago.  As a result, they have  several misconceptions.  The most common one is that they are for nursing home care only.   Today’s policies are comprehensive;  meaning that one has several options as to the type and location of the care that will be administered.  The recipient can choose to have the care at their home, assisted living facility, or nursing home.

Another misconception is that you should start shopping for a policy when you reach Medicare age.  On average, the chance of having a long term care claim is 50 percent before one reaches age 60.  So, the best time to consider purchasing a long term care policy is the early 50’s.  The longer one waits, the more expensive it becomes and the risk of having a health condition that will disqualify you becomes greater.  The old cliche’ of “get it while the getting is good” could not be more true.    Click here to learn more about these plans and their cost.